Invited speakers: iSAP Hamamatsu 2016

iSAP Hamamatsu 2016
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Theme of symposium

This year's theme is "quantum many-body science and technology".
Discussion leader
Prof. Kenji Ohmori
(Institute for Molecular Science)
Title of presentation:

Introductory Talk - Many-Body Physics: The Holy Grail of Modern Sciences and Technologies[PDF:484.2KB]

Invited lecture 1
Prof. Tilman Pfau
(Universität Stuttgart)
Title of presentation:

Long range interacting quantum systems[PDF:477KB]

Invited lecture 2
Prof. Dieter Jaksch
(University of Oxford)
Title of presentation:

Optically Driven Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems[PDF:472.5KB]

Invited lecture 3
Prof. Christopher Monroe
(Joint Quantum Institute and University of Maryland)
Title of presentation:

Quantum Networks with Atoms and Photons[PDF:494.3KB]

Invited lecture 4
Prof. Guido Pupillo
(University of Strasbourg)
Title of presentation:

Engineering quantum transport and materials with cold atoms and hot molecules[PDF:494.2KB]

Invited lecture 5
Prof. Matthias Weidemüller
(University of Heidelberg)
Title of presentation:

Rydberg Atom - Light Interfaces[PDF:496.2KB]